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Ocean Farini's practice works in and around themes of class, representation, family and humour.

She seeks to question, laugh with and offer an alternative to, both past and contemporary
representations of women, ordinary people's lives, the working-classes and disability.

She thinks that a photographs of people’s Nan's and Grandad's should be on bank notes.

Bounces around London, Falmouth, Derbyshire and Blackpool, UK

Features -

SOURCE Magazine - Graduate Photography 2017 - Print
The Small Things Magazine - Print
C41 Magazine - Online
PYLOT Magazine - Online
Permaculture Magazine - Spring 2016 - Print

Exhibitions and Shows

Inside Job - Tate Modern, London 2018
 CREAM 2017 -  Crane Kalman Gallery, Brighton 2017
Edge Award - Falmouth 2017
BRIK - Free Range The Old Truman Brewery, London 2017
TWO - The Poly, Falmouth 2016
CHEAP - The IOP Gallery, Falmouth 2015
Ending - The Chocolate Factory, Derby 2013
Wirksworth Festival 2011